Shared Spirituality


A woman stopped her vehicle today outside of a church in our neighborhood, where I often collect trash while walking the dog.

She said, “I feel moved to give this to you,” as she handed me a business card with a piece of scripture on it.  She continued speaking, talking about her personal relationship with God and inviting me to church.

In the past, I might have considered such a gesture socially inappropriate or even intrusive.  (I come from a culture, where we “witness” through action and wait for someone else to initiate a question about what our personal source of strength might be.)

But, today, I thought to myself, “Isn’t that it.  When we find that sweet space of inner Light, we want nothing more than to share it.” And, so, I went along on my way thinking how gracious it was of her to gift me some of her precious time.  We were communicating as one sentient being to another.


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