The Receipt of Grace

“I am in too much pain to lie down.  May I just sit here in this chair for the session?”

“Yes, but I think you would be more comfortable on the working table,” my response comes from experience.  This is a new client with several physical issues.  The session is well outside of the established parameters of my normal practice.  “Why don’t you tell me why you are here, and I’ll start working with you where you are seated.”

Words spill into the quiet space of the room as I connect to begin the process of restructuring the man’s field for the receipt of Grace and to release the reservations he holds toward his own Light and body awareness.

Breaking the stream of his own words, he says, “I see what you mean.  I do need to lie down.”

Moving carefully from the chair to the working table, my hand travels parallel to his shoulder some two feet away.  Quiet settles in the room again.

Once he is settled, I ask, “Are you going to be okay there?”


“Yes, I’ll be okay.” The response comes through that blessed brilliance of Light.  “Feel free to shift your legs if you become uncomfortable,” I invite, continuing to create space around him for his own Light to flow.

The session progresses normally.

“I think we are almost done,” I say while closing out the session.  “Do you feel okay?”

“It was nice to be almost without pain—if only for one hour,” he observes.

“I normally work with clients wishing to change professional or personal circumstances; so, this is something unusual for me.  Be sure to avoid the consumption of alcohol for 24-48 hours.  Some quiet time built into the context of each day will help you.  Listen to your body’s subtle cues.  The work will take ten to twenty-one days to play out.  It has been a privilege to serve you.”