Spirituality: Furnishing the Heart

Standing in line at the post office,  I hear two gentlemen behind me talking about current events.  One man observes in summation, “When a person’s heart is full of that much hate, there’s no room for love in it.”  Picking up the thread of their conversation, I begin to consider with what emotions I have furnished my own heart.


On most days and in most moments, when I remain centered and am flying solo, my heart is furnished with gratitude for the trust extended to me in my contemplative life.  I am often guided to offer up internal words of kindness for people who cross my path during my daily errands.  It is in these moments that my heart feels the most spacious and light, bearing an almost Japanese aesthetic to it’s furnishings, where the focus is on functional minimalism, simple beauty, respect, honor and the quality of light coming through shoji screens.

Still, there are times when I break the cord of my sacred connection by becoming preoccupied with a past experience or some unpleasant, current scenario that bumps me right up against an old piece of emotional or conceptual furniture.  This is when I scrape my knuckles or stub a toe.

Yet, while wishing to lug that ancient, giant chifforobe out of my heart, I find the furniture piece so unwieldy that it is virtually impossible to move it, let alone remove or jettison it, on my own.  And, if we we are genuinely interested in refurnishing the heart so that Love might abide, this process requires single-pointed focus, tremendous effort, unbelievable tenacity, and, possibly, a non-attached witness to our current working narrative, as well as assistance from Grace.

Antiquated furniture is moved out of the heart through a combination of will and Grace.  The moving process is taxing, emotionally messy and–if we have compromised our own integrity through inappropriate actions–grimy.  We often see changes in relationships, locations and circumstances, once the old bedroom set left by our second-to-the-last boyfriend has been properly packed up and released.

So, be tender and patient with yourself as you refurnish your heart with Love.  As with almost everything, it is a process. Open the door of dialogue between your searching child and your wisdom keeper, the Self.  Surrender to that which the true hand of Grace will provide.

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