Spiritual Listening

Visiting the office of an alternative-care practitioner, I learn from the receptionist that both she and the practitioner have been attending weekly seminars on opening to their intuition.  We talk briefly about what it means to be intuitive–how it is more about listening to the subtle cues from one’s own body and heart than it is about going out to gather information or “do a reading” regarding another person’s affairs.  Being intuitive would best be described as spiritual listening.

Spiritual listening to the physical frame and one’s own highest Light, set deep within the heart, only requires a series of relatively modest commitments in terms of time, space and dedicated practice.  And, such a series of commitments prevents the beep, beep, beep, beep, repeat…if-you’d-like-to-make-a-call, please-hang-up-and-dial-again from becoming a physical or spiritual emergency.


Once, I had the privilege of speaking with a working, Yoruba Shaman who had recently relocated from Cuba to the United States.  He described to me how incredibly loud it was to live here–because, in his own words, “No one is listening to the Spirit World.”  I concurred with him, explaining that in my own work as a Pranic-Work practitioner much of what I do involves reconnecting people to the Light within their hearts, so that they can open a dialogue with what Vedanta refers to as the Self.  Most of us, as Americans, possess overly-full calendars. We are well ensconced in gadgetry, as well as enjoying a staggeringly wide variety of entertainment and sense stimuli. For many of us, life is lived with the phone receiver to our bodies and hearts consistently and, or almost completely off the hook.

Spiritual listening comes most easily to us when we are relaxed and at play.  This is not the social, interactive play we experience at parties, but the joyful, solo and introspective play of collecting leaves for pressing on a fall day, working in our in-home woodshop on Saturday, visiting a children’s playground or doing a jigsaw puzzle on a Sunday afternoon with the low sun streaming across the pieces.  This is when we are able to depress the clutch of our whirring minds, pull the stick shift into neutral and rest with our engines in idle to actually listen.  Such circumstances create the most organic flow of the Spirit’s buried wishes, as well as communications with the cellular body so that latent hankerings, actual needs and genuine priorities may move to the fore.

Group seminars on awakening intuition are fun, and they may certainly assist us in loosening the strictures we often have on excessively rigid energetic forms and beliefs, but the actual joy of an authentic connection with the Self is a very individual, private and sacred affair.  So, pull out your calendar and set aside a full, half-day to explore the world again–your world.  Let your body relax.  Allow your heart to open.  And, listen with an easy, gentle and kind ear to what is being said.  Take some notes.  Make changes.  Take real action.  Falling into alignment allows moment-to-moment clarity to begin streaming.

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