Walking into one of my out-of-home, work spaces, I see that a professional acquaintance is on-duty.  Upon seeing me, he immediately affects a deep frown and drops his shoulders in defeat.

“What is going on?” I ask, as I unpack my things at a table and pull out a chair.


We have had a couple of informal conversations, where we learned we had both spent time at geographic points far west of here.

“I so don’t want to be here today,” he says, gesturing around the almost empty space.  “The basement thing is getting to me.”

“You are going to have to turn that around, if you want to find any joy here,” I respond sympathetically.  “Look, you have windows on two out of four sides of this space.  And they are full size. The windows face both west and south.  I know it is raining today; but, on sunny days, you get the late afternoon sun.

“You are are warm and dry and safe,” I continue.  “Plus, you have the privilege of entering your own private kiva everytime you come to work. This is a space of potential grounding and centering.  How many people get to do that at work?”

He pauses to consider the perspective I offer him.  “Yes, thank you for that–a kiva.”

I watch as his shoulders lift and this new perspective takes root in his consciousness, helping him reframe his perspective.