Discovering the Heart

On an exhaling breath, release all of that which is not of your true essence.  Then, on an inhaling breath, draw fresh sunlight into the core of your being.


On the next exhaling breath, match your exhale to a count of seven, purging your body of that which is not of your Light. And, on the next inhale, count to seven, filling your body with pure, warm sunlight.

As you slowly work your way through your body, until you are completely luminescent, observe the various emotions, memories and thoughts that filter through. Nod to them. Notice them. Allow them to pass through or rest in your awareness until they are ready to be released.

As you work, you may notice that your established sense of time is giving way to your heart’s sense of time and pacing. Allow the heart to move into this new sense of time and pacing. Continue filling, mending, opening and basking in the warmth of the light you have drawn into your body, while observing the even cadence and rhythm of your breathing.

Peace to you.