Mother’s Day


It is the end of semester at the university where I teach yoga classes.  One of my male students stops, after class is over, to speak with me about a design project he has due for another course.  He is young, in perhaps his first or second year of course-work.  In addition to studying design, he possesses a strong sense of personal fashion.  Physically, his features are fine-boned and well-proportioned.  His demeanor is gentle, full of generous innocence and, socially, he would be considered effeminate.

As we finish talking, he gathers his things together.  Everyone is short on sleep this time of year; and, so the gathering process is rather inefficient. Finally, he slips on a pair of light-rimmed, oversized sunglasses, the eye protection he requires for the bike ride across campus to his next class.

Seeing this last detail of adornment, I silently utter a prayer of protection for him, asking Grace to keep him safe and out of harms way, this day and everyday,  because I feel that–in a world where some people still cope with fear through means of violence–he might be harmed.

He is not my child; yet, he is someone’s child.  And, he could have been my child, if Providence had arranged things thus.

The process of practicing a proper sequencing of yoga’s physical postures grants an individual, who is dedicated to the practice, an opportunity to come into a state of alignment with true Spirit. And, the closer an individual comes to true Spirit, sometimes, the more a person’s social conditioning tends to fall away–a person’s propensities for expressive yin and yang may shift.

For today, eventhough this young man is not my child, I–as his instructor–feel responsible for his expanded state and the expanded nature of his innocence.  His Light today is so very apparent, so very bright.

We will all encounter circumstances when another person’s Light seems brighter or very unlike our own.  In such situations, it is important to move away from fear, jealousy and pettiness. Remember this: You are someone’s child; that “other” person is also someone’s child; and, both of you are children belonging to Grace and Grace alone.