Spiritual Swimming

Describing an encounter in the Pacific Ocean, with a wild animal tangled in fishing line, a  committed distance swimmer related how completely Still the ensnared creature became as she stopped her swim to approach and liberate the entangled animal.


When we learn to move on the Earth, as swimmers do, to the regular rhythm of our own life Force and breath, we bring ourselves in sync with the rhythm of the natural world, and we are able to approach those in need without fear. In turn, those in need are able to receive our assistance without struggle.

This is not a paternalistic model for human behavior in relationship to nature.

But, this is a call, a reminder, to stay close to our own inner Light and develop the regular rhythm of our own breathing–because we do not breathe alone; we either breathe in sync with the Life around us or we choose, in our flailing, to destroy the harmonious rhythm of the Kingdom of God.