Spiritual Seeking and Adultery

All of what I do professionally centers around my intention to assist others with the process of rediscovering and reseating individuals into the seat of their inner Light—because we are, ultimately, whole within ourselves.  In fulfilling this intention, I function in several roles professionally—writer, consultant and program leader.

Earlier, in my role as consultant, I joined a local networking group.  As a member of this group, I wanted others to become aware of my services.  Our networking chapter was part of a larger, local whole. While attending a special event at a local convention center, one day, I was helping to unload a truck of props and goods when a man from our local chapter gave my hand an extra firm and lingering squeeze.


As an energetic consultant, I read this physical gesture as an inappropriate act of “spiritual seeking.” At the time, I reasoned that there must be some profound emptiness in this man and/or his marriage in order for him to “reach out” in this manner, because–when we touch one another physically–what we are soliciting is a more direct experience of another person’s unique, personal energy or Light.

Individuals who are in their wholeness generally approach the desire for physical intimacy as a sacred act, occurring between two consenting adults.  And, the inquiry that accompanies consensual touch is presented in such a way that there is time and space for the person receiving the inquiry to accept or decline.

In the case of this specific incident, wishing to spare this man and myself further embarrassment, I decided to ignore his physical gesture by moving the process of unloading the truck forward.  I simply asked that he hand me another prop to carry and ignored the hand squeeze.

What many people, who solicit adulterous contact or who engage in adultery do not realize is that adultery is usually an attempt to fill a void or emptiness within themselves or their existing primary relationship. And, quite frankly, it is a form of energetic theft.

For many of us, the emptiness we carry inside can cause us to seek outside forms of “gratification” or would-be fulfillment, which are off-the-mark, sideways or otherwise inauthentic and, although temporarily titillating or seemingly pleasurable, will ultimately prove unfulfilling.  (The only exception to this is when a pre-existing primary relationship becomes spent and should  be ended formally prior to beginning a new intimate relationship.)

Lurching forward to fill the heart’s emptiness through non-optimal or inappropriate experiences can, not only cause us further pain and separation from our Light, but it can also cause us to place others in difficult, compromised or uncomfortable situations. “Gratification” is not something to be filled outside of ourselves.

Genuine, spiritual gratification stems from rediscovering and honoring a place of fullness that already exists in our hearts.

In spiritual awareness, when we become physically intimate with another, consenting adult, we may actually be requesting permission to take our Light to rest for a moment in the sanctum of another person’s heart.

So, the next time you feel the desire to reach for something or someone outside of yourself, pause and take time to ask yourself where that impulse is coming from.  Ofttimes, the thing we need most is a recognition and honoring of our own Light—communion with the Self.