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That Light

In Quaker tradition, there is a turn of phrase a speaker may use when meeting someone with a highly divergent opinion:  “That Light has not yet come to me.”


The statement is a simple, respectful acknowledgement of another person’s current, working truth, as well as a polite way of maintaining the working truth of the speaker’s opinion on an issue.

In Advaita Vedanta, as in Quaker tradition, there is the understanding that there is one Truth, binding us and residing in all of our hearts.  That Truth may be accessed when we, as individuals, come into alignment with our inner Light (or Atman in Sanskrit). Living our daily lives from the space of this awareness causes us to affirm not only our individual life and sacred place on the planet, but it also causes us to honor the Light of creation in others.

So, for today, bow–internally and with reverence–to all of those whom you meet as you travel, no matter how their external circumstances may cause you to respond initially; and, with this practice, your lamp will burn brightly and Grace will support you as you move through your days.