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Spiritual Vessel

Years ago, while driving across country, I stopped in a healthfood store in Amarillo, Texas to purchase some provisions.


Standing next to me, in the bulk-foods’ section of the store, I observe a tall, slender woman of extraordinary beauty–beauty-pageant beauty, helping herself to some of the items in bulk. Yet, something about her seems sad and less than strong or vibrant.

Just as I am about to turn away from her, to finish collecting my own purchases, she begins a conversation with me.

“I am dying,” she tells me. “My body has rejected the breast implants they gave me.  I thought I would be improving my appearance, and what I have done is ruin my health.  My body is completely toxic, and there is nothing they can do for me.  The negative cascade of effects to the implants is not stopping, eventhough I have had them removed. Do not ever do this to your body. Do not do to your body what I have done to mine.

“Love yourself as you are,” she concludes. “I am telling as many people as I can.  It is the least I can do.”

Nodding my head in acknowledment, I utter some insufficient words of compassion.

Later, back in my vehicle in the parking lot, I take a moment to digest what she has shared. While collecting myself and under my breath, I ask Holy Mother to tend to this woman’s kind and gentle Soul, concluding,  “Please grant her safe passage.”