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Spiritual Blessings I

It is a warm, late afternoon on a Friday.  Outside of an acupuncturist’s office, I happen upon one of my favorite, former yoga students as I approach the building.  She is a woman whom I respect and admire because of the intense commitment she brought each and everytime to her yoga practice.

Initially, when we first see each other across the parking lot, we both light up with recognition; and, then, I watch as her face transforms itself before me into a site of pinched grief and worry.

When I am within range of her hearing, I ask her, “How are you doing?  Are you unwell?”


“It is not me,” she answers.  “I gave my husband, Paul, a ride into see the acupuncturist.  He has been battling cancer for eight months now.  He is down to one-hundred-thirty pounds,” she speaks quickly and with profound concern.

“Oh, my,” I answer with nothing better to say.  “May I ask what kind?”

There is a slight pause.  “Yes.  They think it started in his kidneys.  He thinks he can beat it, but they keep giving him too much radiation.  He does not have enough time to recover between treatments.  At least that is what he feels is happening.  But, the doctors won’t listen.”

“I see.  Hence, you’re seeing an acupuncturist?” I ask.

At this point, Paul emerges from the acupuncturist’s building, beginning his slow approach toward us.  Typically a full-bodied man, he seems a ghost of his former self.  He has also studied yoga with me.

With Paul’s arrival, a few more sentences pass between us about some of the health places I have visited.  At a break in the conversation, Paul reiterates his concerns about his health in a matter-of-fact and downcast way.

Then, out of my mouth and with a socially uncomfortable degree of loudness and formal conviction, I hear myself say, “You will not die.  No matter what they tell you, you will not die.”

At this point, my second-sight kicks in, and I observe Paul as he shifts energetic gears, straightens his lean frame and organizes his Light around his physical body.  He is glowing brightly now.

“That’s what I keep trying to tell them,” he says with renewed hope and vocal resolve.

After handing off some additional information, we part company. Darshan, a blessing of life, has been granted.

Of Healings & Bumper Stickers

While out walking, I ran across a parked car with a bumper sticker admonishing “healers” for charging money to do what Jesus did for free.  I thought to myself, “Even though I do not refer to the work I do as healings and I do not call myself a healer, the person who put that bumper sticker on that vehicle would most certainly put me and the work I do in the camp of reprobate ‘healers’ who charge money for sessions.”


And, quite frankly, this same question about spiritual alignment, money and universal Light used to occupy my heart as well.  This is what the past many years of working with people on behalf of their highest Light has taught me about sessions, clients, money, unconditional Love  and universal Grace.

  1. Everyone has a pattern—their own unique pattern—that, if they were connected, fully grounded and following it, would allow them access to their highest Light. This is what heals.  (Thus, I personally do not heal you.  I ground you in your Light.  Your witting, consensual alignment with your highest Light guides you through your own healing process.)*
  2. Sometimes we need help rediscovering, recovering and/or grounding our highest Light in the context of our individual bodies and current circumstances. Family and social obligations can keep us from attending to ourselves as we should.  I often assist clients in “sorting themselves out” so that they can reexperience their personal Light.
  3. Money is energetically neutral. It is what we do with money that “charges” it energetically or spiritually.  Are we using money to help or injure, to support or deride?  Many of my clients go on to distinguish themselves in the realm of being able to care for others more efficiently because they have taken time to care for themselves.  Solid self-care leads to service.  I am compensated in the form of money payments for the unique service I provide.
  4. Working with the Light, in a formalized session, is potentially transformative because “we” (you, I and the Light) are all working in concert to create positive, lasting changes. With a clear agreement in place, changes tend to occur and unfold in positive and productive ways.  Clients committing to a formalized, paid session prepare very carefully and thoroughly to receive Grace.  This level of commitment and preparation supports the work in ways that less-formalized healings lack, except among the truly devout.  Thus, an appointment supports changes in behaviors, habits, efforts and intentions.
  5. Finally, as someone who works with the Light, it is easiest for me to maintain my own physical frame with a good healthy, clean lifestyle and whole, organic foods.  I am able to assist more people by being able to purchase my own organic foods products, rather than by growing and putting aside such foods from my hobby garden or by bartering for other goods.

*The body is designed to be self-repairing.  Individuals facing the greatest health challenges are those with genetic predispositions, auto-immune diseases, situations of exposure to unrecognized environmental toxins or those who engage in repeated self-injury.

Second Sight & Drive-by Healings

I am uncertain by exactly what mechanism I was given the gift of second sight; but, in 2001, receive it I did.  It may have happened as a result of my redoubled commitment to my yogic practices, because of a prolonged physical illness or simply because it was time for me to see the world from a more consistently spiritual perspective.  Whatever the reason or reasons for the addition of this gift to my toolbox-for-living, it altered and continues to inform the manner in which I interact with the physical world.

With second sight, one of the first things that you notice is that the physical plane possesses a spiritually or energetically visible and parallel component.  Thus, in my worldview—when I am observing with second sight or “on” and quite often I choose to be “off” for ease of social mobility—the world is comprised of an enhanced array of pure color which varies in intensity and luminosity.


For example, taking into consideration the issue of a person’s health, if someone has a knee problem, the area around the knee in their spiritual field is usually dull in color or, in severe cases, may be completely non-luminescent.  And, we may work to instigate a change in our physical bodies by working from the inside out (proper nutrition, healthy movement, allopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage), the outside in (energetic work, meditation, healings, prayer, spiritual work) or by approaching an issue of concern from both directions.

In my experience, the most efficient path to tending the body addresses areas of concern from both the inside and the outside.  This is why, what I have termed “drive-by healings” do not usually hold or stick—because without a person’s consent to work, spiritual intervention, granted to an unwitting recipient provides no conscious, physical support for the spiritual gift that was granted.

Consider this when your mind is lolling about.  Bring the full weight of consciousness to bare in matters close to your heart and your long-term health.  Choose to care for yourself, from both the inside and the out.  You may be amazed at the difference it makes.