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Standing at the bottom of the Public Library’s flight of stairs to its back entrance, I wait my turn to ascend, as a tall, lean and distinguished man of African-American descent descends–one stair at a time.

There is a sense that time is infinite when you run on God’s time. And, I am running on God’s time today.

Having reached the bottom of the stairs, the gentleman comments to me, in way of apology, “I feel like an old man today with this limp.”

Catching his eye, underneath the baseball cap he is wearing over a neatly pressed set of bluejeans and an immaculately clean t-shirt, I volley, “That is one sexy limp.”

Chuckling, he replies, “Thank you for that.  That sure makes me feel good.”

Over my shoulder, I respond, “You have a good day, sir.”

Still ruminating on our exchange as I climb the stairs to the doorway, I hear him comment on his walk to his vehicle, “Mmmm, hmmm. You sure did make me feel good.”

As the door to the Library closes behind me, I consider how much goodwill our short exchange has generated, through the mere statement of a readily observable truth.  What that man does not know is just how much his kind words of gratitude have helped me, frosting the basic cake of my otherwise ordinary day.

As for the rest of my errands, I think I will be wearing frosting-sprinkles in my hair. So, if I seem a little more sparkly today, it is because of these kind words from a complete stranger.