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Agent of Grace

“I’ll call the pizza in,” I announce. We have agreed on a medium, cheese-and-onion, something small to celebrate the two-person “girls’ night in.” Our conversation has revolved around listening to the heart and bringing the heart around to becoming a willing and reliable agent of Grace.

“Self-care is imperative,” I continue the thread of our conversation, after the pizza has been ordered. “Don’t think that self-care needs to suffer in order to serve from the heart. But, what does happen is that our definitions of what we consider solid self-care begin to shift.


“For example,” I continue, “where we once thought of self-care as a shopping expedition to purchase a new blouse, blazer or a bit of random bling may shift to revolve around our desiring more quiet, personal time in nature. Or, if shopping is truly a joyful, must-have experience, we may elect to shift our shopping desires toward the purchase of  life necessities for another person, who is in need, choosing to work through a charitable organization.”

My friend breaks in,  “But, how do you know when you are receiving reliable guidance?”

“It should feel right in the heart. There may be a sense of Stillness or Peace around the proposed action or around an idea,” I explain. “It may also feel like it is perennially Christmas Eve–almost everyday. And, genuine guidance from Holy Mother does not injure or harm; it heals.

“Finally,” I explain, “There comes a phase where Holy Mother seems to step in, in order to care for you, in seemingly minor yet very meaningful ways. I’ll explain more later.” Our conversation stops so that I may run to pick up our take-out pizza.

At the pizza place, as the clerk hands me the box for a large pizza, he explains that he “messed up,” adding, “But, don’t worry. I’ll only charge you for the medium.”

It feels like Christmas Eve again–in my heart.

Walking through the door at home, I explain what happened to our pizza order to my friend.

“So, is this the type of care you were talking about?” my friend asks. “Large pizzas at no additional charge, even though you clearly ordered a medium?” Then, in a teasing tone, my friend says through a bite of hot, fresh pizza, “I would like to meet this Holy Mother of yours.”

Sincere Wishes & Prayers

My second sight came in after a period of serious physical illness.  So, it was difficult for me to trust the luminescent overlay I was seeing on the phenomenal world.  What was real?  The physical world?  The spiritual world?


In many Eastern philosophical traditions, students on the path are taught to be aware of thought, word and action forms, because, “as one thinks, one becomes.”  Each form of thought, word, and deed, is progressively more dense than the last (and more difficult to redress, should redress prove necessary).  This concept of density may be visualized in the graphic language of cartoonists as the thought bubble, conversation balloon and–BAM–the action graphic.

Second sight or no, for the longest time I remained a doubting and inquisitive skeptic.

Then, one day, after a particularly thorough and rebalancing acupuncture appointment, when I found myself being driven home behind a car with a most derisive bumper sticker about the false nature of spirituality, I thought to myself, “How sad that that person may never experience Grace and the Oneness of All things.”

And, in a moment of sincere compassion, I uttered a simple prayer, “Please open that person’s crown, so they may have a genuine spiritual experience.”  Although I was not anticipating any results, I witnessed a non-luminescent, triangular solid come flying out of the top of the person’s head–only to have it land next to the side of the road.  Consider this.

Fill yourself and your mind’s time with kind and sincere wishes for others and their wellbeing.  If no leading is granted to you about what sincere wish to offer and  you do not know what to pray on another’s behalf, ask for whatever is in another’s highest Light.  Angels will attend thee.