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Spiritual Children

Recently I had the privilege of caring for a friend’s daughter over the course of an extraordinarily beautiful and full day.


The young girl, who is eight, brought her unique perspective, humor and joyful personality to every activity, errand and meal we shared, reminding me that life is indeed a surprise package of wonders waiting to be opened and explored.

In the work-a-day, adult world, we often hold back on the brightest inclinations of our hearts, tending to check our natural warmth and curiosity.  And, we otherwise spend our days nursing cranky, broken and injured pieces of ourselves instead of reveling in the very audacious act of living fully. Living in a self-limiting manner, we are like a group of village misers bent upon guarding piles of useless, broken glass.

Life becomes pinched and limited when we fail to remember, acknowledge and honor that aspect of ourselves which would marvel at the activities of a bee pollinating a flower, sense the wind moving through a plain of open grass or observe the light of the sun passing across our resting or moving bodies. Yet, we can reawaken the Self through the conscious observation of our immediate surroundings and through our attentive care toward the heart’s inner most chamber.

In reawakening, we may choose to share the planet respectfully with our co-inhabitants and vow to affirm life with a renewed commitment toward the Light.

Peace to you.