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Spiritual Mobility


“I have a new couch,” one of my coworkers reports, as I walk through the fitness-center doorway.  “It was a gift from a client.  It is in excellent condition.”

“Congratulations?” I offer tentatively  because both her facial expression and vocal tone relay something other than joy about her recent acquisition.

“I don’t think I like it—already,” she says.  “I have had it less than a week, and I feel completely tied down.  A couch is too much commitment.”

“Too much commitment?” I ask in confusion, “To receive a free couch?”  Although we work together, we usually only exchange information during our individual comings and goings.  She works as a personal trainer, while I teach classes.

“Yes, too much commitment.  Everything I need to help my clients is in the seven boxes of books I have.  For myself, I only need two large duffle bags for clothing and linens, along with a small box of my favorite kitchen utensils.

“Where ever I go, I find a semi-furnished room to rent that includes kitchen privileges, and I am good to go,” she continues explaining.

“A couch does not fit into my hatchback, nor is it something I can load on my own.  I need to be free to move about.  Yes,” she states more emphatically, having come into a state of internal alignment.  “It goes.  A couch definitely does not fit my lifestyle.”