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Spiritual Perspective: Dandelions

I.  According to my most recent reading, dandelion seeds first appeared purposefully on the North American continent in the mid-1800’s at the request of a Scandinavian immigrant, who wrote home asking that seeds be sent because she could find no other curative and reliable, fresh-greens, nor a comparable medicinal herb.

II.  Very late for class one spring day, after a long winter, a foreign-exchange student was seen by her high-school peers, frolicking through a full field of bright, spring blossoms.  Her speech class and teacher watched as she progressed through the expansive field of  flowers reveling, stopping, dropping and picking blossoms–until she dropped out of sight only to burst into her first-hour class, breathless and powdered with fine yellow dust.


“Why are we in school today?” she blurted out.  “Why are we not on holiday, celebrating the beautiful field of spring blossoms?”  Her throat pulsed from all of her racing and cavorting.

“You mean the dandelions?” the teacher asked.

“The beautiful field of flowers,” she responded emphatically.

Then, another student said, “Those are weeds.”

III.  Although this last narrative is not a story of my personal witness, I share it because I trust the teller, the tale and the lesson:  perspective.

The next time you sit down with someone, check-in with that person about what he is seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing–before making any assumptions, judgments or conclusions.  Just because you now share the same proximity and circumstance does not mean you share the same perspective on events and the environment around you.