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Spirituality & Religious Expression

It is in silence that we connect to our highest Light—that spark which lets us know we are part of the Sum of Life. After an experience of the reliable silence of profound spiritual Union and after we have regrounded into our individual bodies, we often search for a physical venue of religious expression.


In mature marriages which have served to grow an individual member’s spiritual depths, there is sometimes a parting of ways because the chosen means of religious expression for an individual member (or both members) of the couple no longer matches that of the younger couple. If a middle-aged seeker returns to a religious organization of childhood familiarity, which he or she may have eschewed in early adulthood, this act of return often draws him or her away from the partner who was part of that person’s spiritual growth.

This is not a theoretical model, but a phenomenon which I have observed on two separate occasions in different unprogrammed Quaker Meetings.

What the two narratives illustrate for me is that in listening to the individualized leadings of our hearts, we are sometimes lead to walk places where we must go alone, to resolve unfinished business or return to a core sense of Self, the expression of which may or may not fall into step with the established rhythm of a mature, marital march.

Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual experiences are contingent upon neither religious affiliation nor upon the observation of a specific set of rituals. Individuals seeking such experiences often go looking outside of themselves in an attempt to effect such an event.

Yet, an authentic spiritual experience is granted through instances of communion between one’s own internal, highest Light and what might be termed working for or with “the greater good.”


Genuine spiritual experiences are usually a matter of entering into circumstances where concerns about issues of identity and personal gain fall away, which then give way to a sincere desire, on the part of the open heart, to serve. As the dove-tailed joint between the selfless yearnings of the heart are refined, matched and come into alignment with the needs of community-at-large, a natural and organic awakening of the Spirit occurs.

Holding awe, wonder, sincerity and gratitude in the heart, while aligning and opening one’s Self to serve, may lead to the possibility of, on the part of an unwitting seeker, an experience of or more consistent experiences of spiritual Union.